Friday, February 27, 2009

This month's Angel Food ministries Box

1.5 lb. Ribeye Steaks (4 x 6 oz.)

3 lb. Split Chicken Breast

1.5 lb. Country Fried Steak Patties (6 x 4 oz)

1 lb. Package 80/20 Ground Beef

1 lb. Fully Cooked Meatballs

1 lb. Mild Italian Sausage

12 oz. Deli Sliced Ham

1 lb. California Blend

1 lb. Green Beans

20 oz. Shoestring Fries

1 lb. Pasta

28 oz. Marinara Sauce

21 oz. Condensed Soup
(makes 5 servings)

1 lb. Pinto Beans

32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk

Dozen Eggs


So I am working up some recipes to use this. I am going to get 2 boxes this month so I can use them for 2 weeks. The quality of items were good the last time we got this. We will use more this month than we did last months.

Great Depression Cooking

I had someone pass this website along to me and now I am passing it along to you. It is away to cook like they did during the Great Depression. She also has videos on youtube.

If you are having a hard time getting your family to help you save money I recommend renting or checking out the American Girl Doll Movie Kit Kittrich. This truly helped my daughter see what a depression is.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Breakfast for supper

A cheap and easy supper is to do a Breakfast Supper

You can make pancakes. I make generic bisquick pancakes (1.00)and then some sausage (.98) and some eggs (1.00) Home made syrup for the pancakes.

1 c. brown sugar, packed firmly
1 c. white sugar
1 c. water
1 tsp maple flavoring
Combine first 3 ingredients; bring to a boil. Add maple flavoring. Reduce heat, simmer 7-10 minutes. Serve hot.

Save Energy Dishwasher

Run your dish washer full. Air dry them it cuts the amount of energy used by not having the dryer in the dishwasher. If your dishwasher doesn't have the option open the door and let it air dry.

Free Museums

If you have a Bank of America debit card you can go to museums for free. Feb 7&8 are the next free weekends. Check it out and see if there is one close to you.

Lip exfoliater on the cheap

Lip exfoliate
Take 1 tsp of sugar with a bit of olive oil rub it over lips for 60 seconds. Gently wipe away with a damp wash rag.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I got roast for $1.69 a pound. This is a reasonable price for the roast. I picked up a large roast because I am using it for three meals, I have another recipe for the meat.

Day one

Roast and Potatoes and Carrots

Throw it all in the crock pot a cup of water and onion soup mix. This is so simple. Let it cook for 6-8 hours on low. Slice and serve

Cut leftovers in 2 chunks. Potatoes and carrots go into one with the chunks of meat.

Day two

Shepard's Pie

Cube meat. Toss in flour Put into a pie plate. Put 1-2 cups of meat juice. Then put carrots and potatoes in pie plate. Mix up a package of instant potatoes or some leftover mashed potatoes. Cover the pie plate. Then bake at 350 15-20 minutes or till it is brown on top.

Day three

Cube up the meat. Put some beef broth in it the pan and make the gravy with some corn starch. You can also use a jar of gravy. I use frozen noodles and make them and then mix it in the meat and gravy.

Day four if you have leftovers. Take the meat and shred it up and then put it in BBQ sauce and put on buns.

This is not left overs but planed overs.