Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homemade Orange Sherbet

My daughter reminded me of a summer favorite. It is starting to get warm here.

I put all of this in a large Tupperware bowl and pop it in the freezer. I take it out and shake it every half hour till frozen.

2 cans Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
6 (10 oz.) orange soda pop or 1 - 2 liter

Pour orange soda into ice cream freezer and add Eagle Brand milk. Stir it up with long handle spoon and freeze. NOTE: Any flavor soda can be used for variations of flavor.

You could use generic sweetened condensed milk. I use the 2 liter. Strawberry is good too. I figure it is .59 for the generic soda and .99 for each can of generic milk so not a bad treat.

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