Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Okay I know to some budget is a bad word. But it really isn't that bad.

So you plan where your money goes every month. I am figuring up how much I spent in Christmas presents this year. I am budgeting how much I need to put in my Christmas Savings Account for the next 11 months to be ready for Christmas. I feel it is important to save money. How many times can I say this. I guess I am a big saver. It is best to put the money some where that it is hard to get to. With online banking it is really easy to pull it out. I have a seperate savings account for the savings. I do not have a bank card for it or checks. I must go to the bank and deposit and withdraw the money. I chose a bank a little out of the way so it is not convenent for me to with draw money. I did not choose the bank at the local Walmart or Hy-Vee (a grocery store) So I figured if I put away $25 every pay check I should have Christmas payed for. If you do not have the extra $25 then start with $5 or $10. What every you can afford. Savings is good. But you need a regular saving account on top of your Christmas account. It has been suggested one should have 3 months of savings built up in case of an emergency or job loss. With such tough economic times and jobs being harder to come by I think 6 months maybe even better. I am say enough to pay the house payment, and car payment and a little for groceries. The necessities not the wants you have every month.

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