Monday, January 5, 2009

Grocery shopping

Okay I am the first to admit that I HATE to grocery shop. We are buying things to just flush them down the toilet. Literally. Anyways.

So what is a tip to save money on your groceries.

Make a menu of what you want to make for the week. I go shopping on Mondays. It is habit. I buy the things we need for the week. I look in the freezer and the cupboard to use what I have. I then get 7-10 meals out of it. Remember you have to make lunch for the kids on the weekends. I have to cook 2 large meals and breakfast on the weekends. My boys have hallow legs. This means they are always eating and I am always cooking. Add side dishes or anything you need to make.

Look ahead at your schedule. Do you have Wed. night church and need an easy meal that night? Do you have to work on Thursdays and need a crock pot meal?

I also check the ads to see if there is anything on sale that I can use. I try to work my meal plan around the sales.

Then make a list of the food you need.

First eat before you go to the store. If your hungry you buy everything in sight. If I have a bad case of pms and want only chocolate I try to wait a day to do it and eat from the cupboard. Or have a candy bar before I go to the store. So now you are not hungry when you shop and you can stick to your list.

I am also trying Angel Food ministries. I will check back with that next month. Basically you order a box of food for $30 and it feeds a family of 4 for a week. We will see about the quality. I have tried it before. It was kind of hit and miss but I am willing to try it again.

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