Monday, January 19, 2009

Saving Money on Entertainment

Well what do you do when it is winter for entertainment? We want something fun and cheap!

Well if there is snow on the ground you can take the family sledding. It is good exercise and lots of fun. Remember to dress in layers and keep warm. When you come back home you can make hot coco.

Another fun thing is to rent videos and make home made pizzas. I like to make mini pizzas. EASY to do! You put some Italian seasonings, garlic and a little brown sugar in a can of tomato sauce (the small one) a topping, what ever is in the fridge and then some cheese.
Put in the oven till brown. Like 10 minutes at 350.

We rent videos from the library, it is free! But since our library was flooded out we have had to find something else to rent videos. I found the Red Box. It is only a $1 to rent videos even new releases! It is a great price. I can't wait for our library to get more videos back but Red Box will do.

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