Friday, January 9, 2009

Saving money if you eat out

Okay I will admit we eat out. Well I mostly eat out because of my work. Have you noticed the price of a drink? Some restaurants do not tell you how much a drink even costs. When I went out for work one of the drinks was 2.99. WHAT!?! Yea how can they charge that much for a glass of soda. I can buy a whole 12 pack for that price. So I have made the decision that we ask for water to drink when we go out. It is terrible to charge that much for a glass of soda.

Coupons...Our paper had coupons for a buy one meal get one free at Ruby Tuesdays. This is great. One word of caution be prepared for the meals to be $15 dollars each.

My children are now getting old enough they can not eat on the children's menu. I loved it when they could eat on the children's menu and they had .99 children's meals on specific days. That is when we would plan our birthday meals out.

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